The Leader in you

One of my favourite songs is ‘The Greatest Love of All’ by Whitney Houston (or George Benson, depending on your personal preference). The line, ‘everybody’s searching for a hero, we all need someone to look up to’ in particular has always resonated with me as it points to a major issue that many of us share.

When we search for inspiration, motivation and guidance we generally look to others for these qualities and ignore the power that we have as individuals. Too many of us are waiting for the next Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi or Emily Pankhurst to rescue or free us from any crisis that we may face, whether it be within the community or on a personal level. This is why Personal Leadership is so vital to us all.

Personal Leadershipis about taking responsibility for your life and your own destiny and understanding that you have the solutions to any problems that you may face. There is no harm in asking for advice but we cannot rely on others to solve our problems. Nor can we wait for a messiah to set us free.

Leaders are not always presidents, prime ministers, civil rights heroes and heroines. They can be you and me. Personal Leadership is about living your life your way, accepting yourself and recognising that you are powerful.

‘The Greatest Love of All’ goes on to say, ‘I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs. A lonely place to be, so I learnt to depend on me’. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Be your own leader, your own hero and you will be surprised how quickly you inspire yourself and those around you.

Stay blessed and stay focused.

TNT David Okoro

Twitter: @davidokoro1

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