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The persecution of a little coloured me

Frank, Lisa and Mary sit in the tea room enjoying afternoon tea, cake and sandwiches. The room is a light airy room with lots of patterned red and yellow flowered white furniture, the tea room looks onto a huge garden showing a little boy playing with Frank and Lisa’s dog.

“I really take my hat off to you and Peter, I mean, although the circumstances are difficult you are doing an excellent job,” says Frank in his inherited posh accent.

“We have had him so long now we adore him; our lives wouldn’t be the same without him,” responds Mary in her well spoken English accent.

“Forgive me for asking… how on earth do you cope with the stigma? I must say if I didn’t know you and Peter as well as I do; I would insist that Frank does not allow you here,” Lisa states.
“Yes Mary, how do you and Peter do it? Four different houses and yet you still continue to trust in them!” says Frank.

“Well, Peter said that we must give others a chance; especially those less fortunate than ourselves, he is such a humanist in that way, remember when he raised money for Ethiopia?” reminds Mary.

“Oh yes, in addition to him feeling under the weather he still climbed that bloody mountain for them!” exclaims Lisa.

“Exactly! That is why I love him; he is always thinking about and raising money for others especially his beloved African charities,” says Mary proudly.

“I didn’t expect him to bring one home though Mary,” mutters Frank.

“Elijah’s a good boy,” responds Mary, “maybe misunderstood.”

“Now I’m not being funny Mary but how can Elijah stealing from four of your friend’s homes be misunderstood, I would have sent him back straight away,” says Lisa with a factual tone, looking at her husband as he nods in agreement.

“Absolutely!” says Mary, “I completely understand, if I had my way I would quietly do the same but Peter’s having none of it, he may need a bit more convincing than I.”

“More tea Mary…”
“I will my love,” Frank interrupts.

At that moment Elijah comes running in from the garden, “Mamma Mary,” dancing around holding the top of his trousers with one hand and his crotch in the other, “I need to pee please.”

“No Elijah, remember what I taught you? ‘Please may I use your lavatory’ and this should be directed to Aunty Lisa and Uncle Frank.

Elijah turns to Lisa and Frank as he continues to do something akin to an Irish jig, “Please may I use your lavatory Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank?” asks Elijah in his best English accent.

“Of course you can,” say’s Lisa, “you know where it is, hurry before you spoil the floor.”

“Thank you!” shouts Elijah as he bolts it out of the tea room; he runs as fast as he can down the long hallway to the very end, struggles to open the door for a second and shoots into the bathroom.

“Those Africans are so quick at such a young age,” says Frank surprised.

“Yes and not only at running,” chuckles Lisa, then, realising her comment, “sorry Mary I could not resist.”
Lisa gets up to pour tea for Frank and Mary, as she asks if they want more sandwiches to accompany the tea.

“No thank you,” says Mary.

Lisa sits back down next to Frank and silence descends the room, “Lovely day isn’t it?” chimes Lisa, secretly trying to keep an eye on Elijah.

“Yes quite,” says Mary. “Would you ever adopt?”
“Oh no” says Frank, “I feel we’re very much past it now, all of our friends admire you and Peter, speaking of Peter where is the old goat?”
“He has gone to meet with Jenny, you know, therapist Jenny, to see if she is able to get him to see that child psychologist.”

“Who? Harry? He will charge an absolute fortune, are you sure it is worth it?” asks Lisa concerned.
“No!” laughs Mary as Lisa and Frank also express amusement.

A few minutes pass as Mary, Lisa and Frank make small talk, waiting for Elijah’s return. Sensing the tension, Mary stands up, “Excuse me I will go and check Elijah is not struggling with his trousers.”
“Good” says Lisa, feeling more secure about Mary’s actions.

As Mary leaves the room Frank turns to Lisa, “My love we almost certainly need to stop Mary bringing Elijah here, as much as I respect Peter’s decision to save the lives of one of these children I cannot condone feeling uncomfortable in my own home,” Lisa puts her hand on Frank’s hand as she listens intently. “I’ve known Mary and Peter for thirty years and never have I felt uncomfortable in their presence but with Elijah around I cannot seem to settle.”

“I know dear,” responds Lisa as she holds Frank’s other hand, “and nor should we.” Lisa pauses as if to listen to the air, “They are taking an awfully long time, why don’t you go and see if Mary is okay Frank? She may need your assistance with Elijah as Peter is not here.”

Frank gets up and heads down the corridor towards the restroom, halfway down, Frank notices the drawing room door ajar, he quietly stops and peers into the room at which point he sees Mary placing his wife’s diamond necklace into her pocket.

“I’ve finished!” shouts Elijah as he runs out of the bathroom down the corridor, past Frank and straight into the garden to continue playing with the dog.

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