The possibility is possible

“Sterling, can I talk to you?” Sasha asked.

Sterling Freeman, aka The Black Coffee, looked away from the shop window and focused on the scores of people going about their business in the bustling Leeds city centre.

“I believe I tried to talk to you on a few occasions but you showed me deuces,” he eventually responded, coldly.

“I was pissed and angry with you.”

“Oh, so now you’ve got words, wha you tink man should do? Put yourself in my shoes, Missus.”

Sasha looked down at his size 12’s and felt a tingling sensation coarse through her body.

“Look, I think us bumping into each other in town must be a sign that we need to talk… And yeah, I admit I did deal wid yuh bad Mr.”

Sterling admired her honesty. “Ok, let’s talk.” He ignited an alluring smile and the two of them headed to a nearby coffee shop.




“What do you want to drink Missus?” asked Sterling.

You, Sasha thought to herself, but instead she said, “A sparkling water is good Mr.”

Once seated, Sasha’s eyes searched over his pumped biceps, buff chest, strong legs, the dimple in his chin and his luxurious dark chocolate skin.

She could not stop fidgeting, she was warm and stirred. She sucked up hard on her cold beverage through her straw to cool and calm herself down.

Adjusting her thoughts, Sasha said, “Ok, do you wanna go first or should I?”

“Well you wanted to talk so I think you should take the floor.”

“Ok, well, I just wanted to know what you wanted to talk about when I saw you at my girl Nia Brown’s fashion show. And when you showed up at my place on Valentine’s day.”

“Oh no gyal,” Sterling said, shaking his head, “You’re not playing that game; you said you had something to say so you better say it or I’m out.”

“Is that how you’re going on?” Sasha said, “Ok well cool, duss.”

Sterling got up and left the coffee shop.

A second later, he came back.

He stood in front of her and leaned in towards her, close and personal as if he were about to kiss her, leaving her breathless for a moment.

Instead he said, “I didn’t contact you after we had dinner because I had to fly out to Jamaica urgently. My grandmother was sick and unfortunately she passed.” He paused before adding, “And the girl at the fashion show is my cousin.

“Now you.”

Sasha remained stubbornly silent.

Vexed, Sterling walked out of the coffee shop, without returning this time.




Back at her top floor pad, Sasha was unable to work.

She kept looking at her phone, waiting for it to do something – to alert her to a message, a phone call. But it didn’t.

She kept playing with it, trying to compose the perfect text message to send to Sterling, but she couldn’t. She was blocked.

Restless and uneasy, she dialled Benjamin’s number.




“How dare he walk out like that?!” Sasha exclaimed after explaining the scene to Benjamin.

“Babygirl, why you letting The Black Coffee get to you?”

“I’m not.” She responded uncertainly.

Sasha lost herself for a moment in The Memphis blues of Anthony Hamilton which filtered out of her speakers; the words ‘do you feel me’ dancing in her mind, sending chills through her body.

She realised what was eating at her.

Sighing deeply, she glanced at Benjamin and said, “I think there is a possibility that I’m feeling The Black Coffee both mentally and physically.”

Sasha paused and then continued. “I think there is a possibility that I could get in deep with him.”

“The possibility is possible,” Benjamin said.


“Im scared though Ben!”


Sam Sutton

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