The school uniform debate is reborn

As always, September heralds the return of school for millions of kids across the country. And as ever, we hear more stories of children being in trouble for failing to comply with uniform rules.

Many institutions have strict policies when it comes to school uniform; policies that have pressing arguments for and against their enforcement.

It’s argued by many schools that ensuring that every pupil is dressed the same – from the same shirts to the same shoes – results in less disagreement and confrontation between pupils.

School can be a tough time for children as it is, without the daily pressures of choosing what to wear whilst avoiding getting teased. There are also often pupils from varied socio-economic backgrounds within the same school, which some believe become irrelevant if each child is wearing the same clothes.

On the other side of the argument some parents are left frustrated, having had their child disciplined, or even suspended, over a minor issue with their uniform. This consequently means the parent has to arrange emergency child care which is usually pricey or hard to secure at the best of times.

Certain schools are stricter than others, with some being insistent on a certain sock length, or particular pleat in skirts. This leaves parents angry, who feel that they can’t afford to replace the items of clothing and find it unfair that their child should miss out on parts of their education over something so petty.

Despite the intentions of these policies putting the welfare of children at the forefront, it seems a balance needs to be found, perhaps with more lenient punishments.

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