The Soap Connoisseur

Mahawa Kamara is the owner of hand-crafted and organic skin product brand ‘The Soap Connoisseur’.

The Soap Connoisseur is a London-based organic toiletry company providing ‘Skin Food’ to customers, and expertise on skincare. The company is currently based on food-inspired products and hopes to help people understand their own skin. Through the informed use of the correct skincare products for people, the company hopes to highlight the benefits of organic products.

Established four years ago whilst Kamara was on maternity leave, the company was born from the need to have a solution for her daughter’s dry skin problem.

“We started to try solutions other than what the doctor would prescribe”, Kamara said. “I learned to make soap, then I realised that if I can make my own soap, then why not cream?”

Although she has a background in social care, Kamara got a qualification in beauty taking classes at BSY. “It allowed me to learn and understand skin more”, she explained.

After overcoming the chief hurdle of starting your own business – funding – Kamara is now hoping to “attract the African market as they have an important part to play within my company”. She admits that engaging with more manufactures is key to her company’s growth.

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Photo Credit:Soap Connoisseur

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