The tables will turn…

“Lela!” Nia persisted, “You have to stop seeing Venny you’re with Roman”.

“I agree”, Sasha commented as she and half of The Six listened to If I was your girlfriend by the late artist Prince, while delving into some much-needed girl-talk around Sasha’s dining table, before the rest of The Six looked at her flat.

“Sasha you can’t talk!” Lela exclaimed as she completed the final coat of tutti frutti nail polish on Nia, “Anyway what’s going on with you and Mr Benjamin Wright…You’re supposed to be feigning for Mr Sterling Freeman aka the Black Coffee do you remember di man yuh did obsess over for months”.

“I didn’t obsess”, Sasha replied defensively, while stuffing her final bite of bun and cheese into her mouth.

“You did Sash”, Nia and Lela came back lovingly.

Sasha searching for another track on her iPad criticised, “So what about you Nia, you’re seeing Faris in a secret ting even though his family are against your interracial relationship”.

Nia broke away from Lela treating her nails and angrily replied, “No, mi sorry mi love but uno nuh can compare your situation with mine…Unlike you two I am fighting to be with one man my cause is not about cheating”.

“Cheating, who’s cheating?” Sasha questioned heatedly as she refilled the wine glasses that sat on the table.

“Hmmm”, Lela responded as Nia returned her hands to her to be completed.

“Lela we are not cheating….Are we?” Sasha pondered while taking another slice of bun and cheese from the tray that she had place on the table for The Six.

“Seriously Sash what is going on with you and Ben”, Lela demanded as she began to clear away the little beauty parlour she had created at Sasha’s dining table.

“I don’t know”, Sasha explained, I’m confused but I swear I’m not cheating…I haven’t done anything to cross the line with Ben, I love him as you all do and plus I just don’t want to take the risk of putting our friendship on the line in case things don’t work out”.

Sasha’s phone chimed it was the Black Coffee…


“I have something to ask you”, Sterling Freeman aka The Black Coffee initiated.


“How would you feel about being Mrs Sasha Freeman one day…Err don’t get it twisted, I’m not proposing I’m just trying to see where we could be heading potentially”.

“I like it…But I can’t talk now I’m with The Six”.


Sasha picked up her glass of wine cheers her girls and cheerily said, “I no longer see Ben as the object of my affection”.

“Thank God!” Lela shrieked.

“Lela!” Nia gasped as she blew on her nails.

“Well.” Lela protested, mi nuh want di six to mash up”.
Sasha retorted, “It may have made us all closer”.
Please!” Lela shrugged as she helped herself to more wine.

“Stop being so negative Lela”, Nia condemned.

Lela downing her wine said apologetically, “I’m so sorry Nia; it’s just that I think…I’m falling for Venny”.

Sasha chuckled and poetically replied, “Well you just never know how or when the tables will turn”.

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