The transformation of Westwood Street into the perfect wedding venue

Manchester’s West Indian Centre on Westwood St has only just returned back to the year 2015 having time-travelled back in time to the 1940s. The reason behind this is all to do with love and an exchange of vows between two figures within the Moss Side community.

The occasion was Alicia and Adolphus Mike’s wedding. Coordinated by Nadia Strachan and Janet Salmon, the wedding’s Caribbean 1940s theme came about when the bride bought her Hollywood starlet 1940s style wedding dress, from Celebration Village, 13 months before her big day. “It was perfect for her and set the tone”, architectural interior designer Nadia – a long-time friend of Alicia – told TNT.

Coincidentally, the groom’s suit – a 1940s zoot suit by bespoke tailors Myles Anthony – so happened to be in-keeping with the theme. Things fell into place and all that was left was the planning of the couple’s big day.

Alicia, Director of Manchester Counselling Training Centre at the West Indian Sports and Social Community Centre (WISSC) wanted the wedding to be at the heart of the community in which she serves. Although other venues, like Trafford Football grounds, were considered, nothing had more significance than Westwood St’s WISSC.

With the theme being successfully adopted by not only the bride and groom, there was a car, bus and a lot of ‘slick-back’ hairdos from the 1940s turning up on the day. “The guests rose to the occasion with their attire” Nadia said, with at least 400 making it to for the occasion.

The occasion was a success, and allowed the coordinators to create “a haven of paradise in the midst of our very own community”, Nadia added.

Although the planning spanned over months of meetings and presentations, transforming Westwood St came to fruition through strong, combined community effort; taking just one day to achieve.

TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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