The Unwed Black Woman

“I don’t care what anyone says, a black man is quick to put a ring on a white gyal’s finger but not on a black gyal’s. Why?” said Lela while examining her bun and cheese, enjoying the company of The Six who were having a late brunch on a lazy Sunday at Nia’s place and spittin real talk.

“Lela!” exclaimed Steele who was sat opposite her at the table, “Some people would say that your comment is racist, not to mention pure nonsense.”

“Yeah Lela, don’t forget I was married to a black man,” Nia said, walking around her dining table refilling The Six’s coffee cups.

Lela kissed her teeth and retorted, “Well good for you. I’m just calling it out as I see it.”

“Hmmm she has a point,” said Knight, “Look at all the black queens that are not married and who have been with their man for years…and then a white girl comes along and bam, she’s got a king on lock.”

Blowing on her freshly poured coffee, Sasha added, “And the joke is that mixed marriages do not last. And that is a statistical fact.”

“Real talk!” said Knight, “‘Coz a lot of the mans that I know from back in the day who were dealing with women outside their race most a dem relationships done.”

“My boy Bola Bisal married outside of his race but now he’s with a Nubian queen. He said it was the biggest mistake of his life and that a big reason for their divorce was that the two cultures were just too different,” Steele said.

“Ok, but my mum is black and my dad is white and they are still together and still very much in love,” Benjamin said.

“Argh!” Sasha exclaimed. “It’s different when a black woman marries out of her race – statistics show that those relationships last.”

“Why is that?” Nia wondered aloud, looking at Benjamin.

“You tell me,” Ben replied, stretching over Sasha for the hot pepper sauce

Lela said, “Well it throws out the theory that black women have attitude problems ‘coz their marriages are lasting love. But still, why are there are so many unwed black women?”

“I believe it’s ‘coz there is a conspiracy to divide and conquer the black family unit,” Sasha said.

“Empresses are now moving towards white men ‘coz white men are manning up to the job,” Lela said.

“Dayyyum,” said Knight, nearly choking on his coffee. “The mans hate to see an empress with a dude.”

“So what, a black woman must wait forever for you black men? Please.” Lela retorted.

“Do you think there is a fear of black love?” Sasha mused.

“Well peeps are always talking smack about Beyoncé and Jay Z, like they hating and praying for this black power couple not to make it,” Nia added.

“America is so ahead on keeping black love locked,” Benjamin said.

“Is it not also racist to be so pro-black love?” Steele suggested; “Is it not alienating to other cultures?”

Lela put down her portion of bun and cheese. “Listen bwoy, all other communities stay within their own race so are you telling me that they are all racists? We are the number one race that mixes, maybe we need to look at other communities and roll like them.”

“You right Lela,” agreed Knight, “We do have too many single-parent mothers within our community. The mans need to man up fi real and start wifin’ off our own black women.”

“Yeah, black men do need to be investing in their own community,” Benjamin added.

“And black men need to remember it was a black man that loved off his black mother for his black self to be here,” Lela said defiantly.

“I hear you Lela,” said Steele, “Now is the time for us to bring back black love.”


TNT Sam Sutton

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