The Youth and politics


Youth in the scene of politics has been highly controversial. The argument that 16-year-olds and over aren’t capable of taking politics and the government seriously, stands out as one major problem youth face.

In my opinion the argument that youth are not serious is quite stereotypical. When you look at Scotland and the last election; they made the decision to involve 16 plus into the voting scheme and they got more positive feedback from youth. Youth can take politics just as seriously as the next person, as long as they are educated and given the right information, and know the right places to look, to keep up to date with politics.

The argument that youth can be persuaded by parties and their manifesto promises, stands out to me as an uneducated dig at youth being too young. In reality, when we discover what any party may be offering, and what they are looking for in their future government, we can grasp which party would make a credible government, instead of lazily choosing any from a group.

Politics could progress further if adults gave youth a chance to show what they could add to politics and elections in future. If we were given the chance to vote or share our opinions on how we feel about politics, we could help improve future politics and bring fresh political ideas.

After all, the next generation will be running the government; getting them involved with political matters that will affect their future is imperative.

TNT Growing Pains

TNT Renee Taylor

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