Theory developed to encourage the success of BAME teachers

A new theory developed by University of Huddersfield professor, Paul Miller, says that BAME teachers depend on ‘white sanction’.

The Jamaican-born professor analysed statistics and produced the theory in a recent article. The article has been  published in, Power and Education. Where Miller outlines that BAME staff rely on ‘white sanction’ to reach their full potential.

Miller describes the sanction as a support from white colleagues which allows them to climb the career ladder. The theory suggests that racist attitudes are ‘rife’ against BAME staff in the academic community.

In the article Miller analyses official statistics and gives evidence from a series of interviews. In results, white sanction becomes clear. Miller argues that BAME staff should not have to rely on white sanction to ‘legitimise or enable them’.

To increase awareness of the concept, Miller is planning to hold a seminar at the University of Huddersfield. Increased awareness will help to create fairness and equality in local communities.

Professor Paul Miller, says that Britain is too multi-cultural for racist attitudes.

To improve this racism, Miller says that policies which promote diversity should be monitored. The professor says that monitoring white sanction will result in people pushing for equality.

Miller highlights that promotion has ‘flatlined’ as only 104 out of 1000 black teachers are leaders. Inequality within the teaching profession is clear as 87% of all teachers are white.

Also Paul will be hosting Black – Asian – Minority – Ethnic (BAME) networking events to unify staff.

These efforts will make them aware of white sanction and understand how they can become successful. Awareness will encourage them not to rely on white sanction, new plans will be discussed.

Hopefully, the theory will help to encourage and create more diversity in schools, colleges and universities.

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Photo Credit: UCLTV

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