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The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is searing and profound

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie turns her penetrating eye on not only Nigeria but America. These are twelve dazzling stories that explore the ties that bind men and women, parents and children, Africa and the United States.

In “A Private Experience,” a medical student hides from a violent riot with a poor Muslim woman. The woman’s dignity and faith force her to confront the realities and fears she’s been pushing away.

In “Tomorrow is Too Far,” a woman unlocks the devastating secret that surrounds her brother’s death. The young mother at the centre of “Imitation” finds her comfortable life in Philadelphia threatened. It comes when she learns that her husband has moved his mistress into their Lagos home. And the title story depicts the choking loneliness of a Nigerian girl who moves to America. However the country turns out to be nothing like the country she expected. Although falling in love brings her desires nearly within reach, a death in her homeland forces her to re-examine them.

Searing and profound, suffused with beauty, sorrow, and longing, these stories have Adichie’s signature emotional wisdom. They show the collision of two cultures and the deeply human struggle to reconcile them.

The Thing Around Your Neck is a resounding confirmation of the prodigious literary powers of one of our greatest writers.

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