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Thomas Barrack leaves Neverland and his wife behind

Owner of Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch, Thomas Barrack, is selling up and will now have to go through divorce proceedings too.

His wife, Rachelle, has reportedly finished their marriage.

They have two children together, a five-year-old and a two-year-old, both of which Rachelle is thought to have asked for physical custody.

Barrack, who has recently publically backed Donald Trump, came to have rights on the property after he bailed Michael Jackson out of debt, buying the loan on the property.

Neverland, named after Peter Pan, is now however up for sale, as of last year, but is yet to secure a buyer.

The establishment no longer has the theme park or the zoo that it had when Michael was alive, but has had improvements done and is on the market for $100m (£65m).

Whether it sells or not, a decision will have to be made on Thomas and Rachelle’s shares in the property, as part of the divorce agreement.

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Photo credit: CNNMoney

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