Thousands protest against David Cameron’s tax avoidance

A massive crowd marched from Downing Street to the Tory Spring Conference on Saturday 9 March, calling for David Cameron to resign.

Thousands of people descended upon Downing Street in order to display their dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister following his admittance to his part in the Panama Papers scandal.

The PM was accused of hypocrisy after finally admitting on 7 April to profiting from more than £30,000 in an offshore tax haven. It was announced that his father, Ian Cameron, owned an offshore account after the details of clients were uncovered in the largest leak of the country’s history.

For days Mr. Cameron had been pressured to admit that he had benefitted from a controversial fund set up by his late father, but had previously failed to do so.

The protestors, many of whom were wearing Panama hats and tropical clothing, arrived at Downing Street with placards stating “he’s got to go”, “time to go chum” and “Eton’s Mess”. A gigantic pig, which had the Prime Minister’s face emblazoned on the front, was hoisted into the air above the crowd who chanted “David Cameron
must resign / Tax evasion is a crime”.

Events began at 11am, as around 2,000 people lined the streets of Whitehall over the course of the day. Stars such as singers Lily Allen and Jarvis Cocker were among the demonstrators demanding Mr. Cameron’s resignation.

Whilst at the protest, event organiser Abi Wilkinson tweeted “If we don’t make our anger known now, there’s no chance that things will ever improve. The UK will continue to be the tax avoidance hub of the world”.

The demonstrations later spiraled into violence as protestors were pictured amid scuffles with police officers and clouds of red smoke. A petition calling for the Cameron to resign had gathered more than 100,000 signatures by the end of Saturday evening.

Speaking at the Conservative Party spring forum, Mr. Cameron said, “It has not been a great week. I know there are lessons to be learned and I shall learn them”. He also added that the controversy is invariably his fault, remarking “Don’t blame Number 10 Downing Street or nameless advisors, blame me”.

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Photo credit: Ruptly TV

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