Tiffany Haddish bares all in The Last Black Unicorn

Tiffany Haddish, the stand-up comedian, actress, and breakout star of Girls Trip, has released a book – The Last Black Unicorn.

The book is a side-splitting, hysterical, edgy, and unflinching collection of (extremely) personal essays, as fearless as the author herself.

Tiffany was born in Los Angeles (LA), California to an African-American mother and an Eritrean father by name Tsihaye Reda Haddish who entered the United States as a refugee.

She grew up in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of LA and learned to survive by making people laugh. If she could do that, then her classmates would let her copy their homework. Additionally, the other foster kids she lived with wouldn’t beat her up, and she might even get a boyfriend. Or at least she could make enough money – as the paid school mascot and in-demand Bar Mitzvah hype woman.

None of that worked (and she’s still single), but it allowed Tiffany to imagine a place for herself. This is where she could do something she loved for a living: comedy.

Tiffany can’t avoid being funny, it’s just who she is. Whether she’s plotting shocking, jaw-dropping revenge on an ex-boyfriend or learning how to handle her newfound fame. Despite her fame, she still has a broke person’s mind-set.

In the book, she recounts with heart and humour how she came from nothing and nowhere to achieve her dreams. In her view, she did this by owning, sharing, and using her pain to heal others.

The Last Black Unicorn is hilarious, filthy, and brutally honest.

The comedian recently visited her late father’s home country of Eritrea where she met her extended family.

Though her father left her and her mother at a very young age, Tiffany managed to locate and reconnect with him.

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