Tinchy Stryder: ‘Strydes’ into Manchester-Watch

UK chart-topping rap artist Tinchy Stryder strolled into The Hanger at Unity Radio for a discussion with TNT. The global star was joined by students from Rathbone UK – a youth charity that helps young people transform their lives.

Tinchy’s demeanour mirrors the way he glides as he walks; humble. The 27 year-old star, who could easily pass for 15, considerately chatted with the 16 to 18 year-olds in the room, much to their surprise.

Dedication and hard work were the interlinking themes of the event as Tinchy advised the teenagers to “Believe in yourself. I don’t believe in can’t or shouldn’t,” he added when asked by one of the students about the keys to his rise to success.

“It’s important for young people to be heard; for someone to listen. [This event] is really positive. It’s the least I can do,” Tinchy told TNT before adding that TNT “is good. With other [mainstream] papers, people don’t get the opportunity to be heard. Regardless of your ethnicity or background you shouldn’t be turned away” if you have a newsworthy story.

Rathbone Manchester’s CBM Anita Chouhan told TNT that the idea of the event was to “inspire and motivate my young people, and someone like Tinchy is a really big deal and inspired me to work with [Unity Radio] to ensure that our learners got the best” out of his visit.

Having sold millions of records all around the world and had three successful solo albums, the Star in the Hood star is currently working on his fourth album, 360 Degrees.

See if you can spot ‘The Nubian Times’ newspaper and Yasin.


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