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‘TITAN’ Triumphs in legal high investigation – Watch

As part of the ‘Legal High’ investigation seven people have been arrested and now sentenced today Friday 5th June 2015 at Bolton Creon Court.
Paula White, of Eccles pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years.

Netta Hymanson, of Prestwich was convicted and sentenced to four years.

Sheena Jessop, of Ramsbottom was convicted and received a two year suspended sentence.

Rudie Chiu, of Hornbeam way in Manchester was convicted and received a two year suspended sentence.

Aniello Della Croce, of Bowker Vale Gardens in Manchester was convicted and received an 18 month suspended sentence.

Michaela Doyle, of Pendleton was convicted and 12 month suspended sentence.

Christian White, Higher Broughton was convicted and sentenced to four years.

The latest Titan investigation began in the Channel Island, Jersey, which led to the largest legal high investigation in the UK.

The Organised Crime Group involved had international reach and sold multi-million pounds worth of drugs across the globe.
The Wide Mouth Frogs website was quickly identified and then a number of similar websites offering similar products and were found in total to be offering 35 different products for sale, all of which purported to be legal and offered enhanced stimulants.

Officers purchased all of these products advertised for sale in order to establish their legal classification, of the items purchased 77% contained illegal drugs classified by the Misuse of Drugs Act, with the majority being Class B drugs.

Paula White was the head of the organisation, she owned a brand new Aston Martin and a house worth £800,000 with a large extension, orangery and a swimming pool under construction as well as a £10 000 dog kennel !

Designer clothing, jewellery, etc (worth over £25,000) were all amongst items seized by Titan and removed from the property. Further financial investigation revealed that White also owned an opulent villa in Marbella, Spain.

The gangs operation was the largest of its kind in the UK with over £4 million of drugs sold, 200 kilos of which were sold through the Wide Mouth Frogs website alone. Coupled with other sites officers identified sales to nearly every country across the globe with around 90,000 sales and 18,500 registered customers.


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