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The Nubian Times has been informing, uplifting and inspiring its readers for the past three years. The month of October is not just important to TNT because it is Black History Month, but because it was also the month in which The Nubian Times launched and when black history was made in Manchester for a small multimedia publication.

Three black British women of Caribbean descent, Nicole McLaren, Reaghelle Peltier and Lilian Nevins are the co-founders of The Nubian Times / TNT News. Manchester’s fastest growing niche multimedia publication targets audiences that mainstream publications tend to overlook and championing community cohesion, diversity, education and inclusion are amongst many of the forces that have driven these women.

All business women in their own right before embarking on this new venture in a white male-dominated industry full of sexism and covert racism, McLaren, Peltier and Nevins’ work has risen like a phoenix to provide Manchester with real and relevant news.

The Nubian Times now boasts a readership of well over 175, 000 people, a unique and inclusive audience both in print and online. Now broadcasting over the airwaves with their own radio talk show ‘TNT Breakfast Club’ every Wednesday morning from 7-9am on All FM Radio, they can spread their infectious news to a larger demographic.

Miss McLaren said of Black History Month, “We decided within five days to start our own media company, to give a voice to those in the community that the mainstream media choose not to engage with or can’t engage with.”

Ms Peltier said, “Leaving a legacy of unity in the community and a platform for budding entrepreneurs has always been a part of TNT’s mission to give back to the next generation.”

Their tagline epitomises what this publication is all about, “Bad news sells, good news inspires”

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