TNT’s Christmas countdown

You know Christmas is coming when Manchester’s markets arrive and the city’s festive mascot sits above the Town Hall. Another key moment in the lead up to the big day is the release of the eagerly-anticipated John Lewis advert.

What will now become a new moment in your festive calendar is the start of TNT’s Christmas countdown. Starting today, we’re giving you a different Christmas themed article, every day up to the 25th.

We’re kicking things off with a run-down of the 5 best Christmas adverts of 2016.


This year’s Sainsburys advert tells a cartoon, family-orientated tale named ‘The Greatest Gift’. It shows the importance of spending time with your loved ones, especially over the Christmas period. The dad in the story is run off his feet at work whilst trying to work out what presents he’s going to buy for everyone. It then comes to light that the best gift he can give to his family is his time. A lovely message and a well put-together advert, with a James Corden voice-over.

John Lewis

Some have said it ‘ruined Christmas’, but John Lewis have undoubtedly provided yet another lovely advert this year. A young girl’s dad builds a trampoline in their back-garden on Christmas Eve. Throughout the night, various animals try the trampoline out for themselves whilst the family dog watches on in jealousy. When morning comes and the dad opens the back doors for his daughter, the dog beats her to it. The story of buster the boxer is both heart-warming and humorous.


This year’s Marks & Spencer advert gives us a new Christmas hero – Mrs Claus. Whilst Santa Claus does his rounds, Mrs Claus embarks on a mission of her own. She saves Christmas for a young brother and sister, bringing them together in time for the big day. This ad is a real festive treat.

Not on the high street

Online retailer ‘Not on the high street’ released an advert fit to compete with some of the best. Whilst being a relatively simple idea, the way it’s produced is lovely. It shows a number of people working as elves, complete with pointed ears, working hard to make people’s perfect gift. The advert highlights the personal, thoughtful gifts on offer on the company’s website.


Aldi’s advert tells the story of Kevin the carrot. Kevin embarks on a treacherous journey through the obstacle course that is a laid-out Christmas feast. He overcomes the obstacles in his way to reach a plate and lies in position next to the minced pie. The ad ends with a delighted Kevin riding the reindeer’s antlers through the sky.

TNT Christmas

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