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#TNTYourViews: Kitchen sink or Bathroom sink? – Watch

The gloves are certainly on with this one

A topical subject that has recently surfaced within the TNT office and it has brought some heat. The debate is on whether or not we should be washing our hands in the kitchen sink.

Many have grown up washing hands elsewhere as it is supposedly ‘unhygienic’ to wash your hands ‘where food is prepared’. Others strongly believe that a sink is simply a sink; by washing your hands in it, its purpose is fulfilled.

This is no exaggeration; the gloves were on with this debate as the office was split. It is essentially a fight between metal and porcelain. It is a fight between the bathroom sink and kitchen sink.

We would like to know what you think of this news. Is it right to wash your hands in the kitchen sink? Or should you take the extra minute to wash your hands in the bathroom?

To have your say and help us settle this debate, comment down below or tweet us using the #TNTYourViews.

TNT Your Views

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