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#TNTYourViews: Manchester ‘doesn’t deserve Justin Bieber?’ – Watch

In response to the screams of admiration from fans, Justin Bieber stormed off stage during his latest concert in Manchester.

The star asked his fans to stop screaming in between songs. He claimed he travelled the world to perform to his fans, and so the least they could do was treat him with some respect.

This ‘respect’ has caused not only a stir on social media, but a civil war between so-called ‘Beliebers’. Some of his fans on social media have rallied behind Bieber, citing that Manchester ‘doesn’t deserve Justin Bieber’ after the whole debacle.

Do you think Justin Bieber was right in calling his fans ‘arrogant’ by their screams? Or do you think the 22-year-old singer should have contained his temper tantrum for a less public and less insulting occasion?

Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting @TheNubianTimes using #TNTYourViews.

TNT Your Views Alexia Hendrickson

Photo Credit: Hollyscoop

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