Tom’s first day: TNT Behind the Scenes

Tom’s first day: TNT Behind the Scenes

Tom Green perhaps has one of the best names for journalism. Its short, it’s sharp and to the point.

Tom is currently an intern here at TNT and tirelessly works to write the very best articles. His articles can be found in both in our printed edition that circulates monthly or online, which is updated daily.

Tom’s keen and enthusiastic approach was evident from his very first day. Exceeding expectations, Tom wrote 6 articles in the space of only 5 or so hours.

Not only exceeding expectations, he also beat any record in the office here at TNT. To this day, Tom’s first day has been the most productive and most successful in all the team.

A hearty congratulations to Tom and his hard work and determination that he shows day in and day out!

For more updates on what goes on at the office here at TNT, be sure to check this space every Tuesday at noon.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times

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