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Tough on black kids

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United State of America and he penned the Declaration of Independence. Helluva a guy? He also thought that black people sleep more because their brains are empty. Now while this was over 200 years ago and we believe people in power no longer have these views, the statistics of black Premier League managers and the Ukip manifesto would suggest otherwise. Police entrusted to protect us, including PC Alex MacFarlane who was allegedly filmed saying “You’ll always be a nigger” suggest we still have a problem and teachers, the people we entrust to guide our children, are a little racist too.
An American study from Stanford University, highlighted that black students are treated more harshly than their white peers. In the situation where white students and black students displayed a ‘misbehaviour,’ both white and black students where viewed the same and punished accordingly. However, after the 2nd misdemeanour, the students that where perceived as ‘black’ were statistically more likely to be treated more harshly and labelled as ‘troublemakers.’
The American paper, argues that the these views lead from stereotypes. It is a crazy concept where a country would have these archaic views towards black people, despite democratically voting for one of these ‘troublemakers’ to be Commander in Chief, twice! Stats would suggest it’s exactly the same over here. Black Caribbean boys are excluded at a higher rate than their white friends and are more likely to experience stop and search. We have more hope over here as our communities are less segregated. It means that although we are far from perfect, we have the scope to see how students’ differences are superficial. I believe us in the UK have a better understanding of who the real trouble in society makers are.

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