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Tracey Eastham’s Babel to be exhibited at PAPER

A new exhibition created by Tracey Eastham is set to be showcased at PAPER.

For her solo exhibition, Tracey Eastham has created a new body of work. This work is based on the ancient fable of the Tower of Babel. The exhibition will be showcased at Manchester’s PAPER from 25 February 2016 until 1 April 2017.

Tracey’s interest lies in the aftermath of the Tower of Babel’s collapse and the subsequent ‘confusion of tongues’.  This ‘confusion of tongues’ is especially of interest as it led mankind to be scattered across the globe.

The exhibition consists of gold paper cut-outs displayed in a variety of forms. Tracey’s work links to themes of ruin, preservation and the artificial construction – and deconstruction – of national identity.

Tracey’s work uses representations of landscape. She selects and then layers together imagery found and collected from science fiction and romantic literature. Imagery is also found and collected from the English landscape painting tradition, and heritage publications.

As a result, Tracey’s pieces are delicate, precarious and in a part state of collapse. Her work’s precariousness speaks of the relationship with the natural environment.

The use of gold comes from an interest in history as a force which represents social and cultural connection and identity.

Tracey’s tower fable has a contemporary reading of the Tower of Babel. It refers to current political ‘confusion’ or disharmony between different cultures and languages. This is something which we are experiencing in the post-Brexit world.

During this time different heritages, faiths, and geographic locations are being portrayed as segregated and divided.

This is an exhibition which is relevant to our society.

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