Trafford Mayor celebrates borough’s national honours

Councillor Judith Lloyd recently hosted a reception at Trafford Town Hall to celebrate the achievements of the borough’s national honours recipients.

The Trafford Mayor invited 13 people whose work received either a CBE, OBE, MBE or BEM within the past two years.

Amongst the honoured included Akeim Mundell BEM, Angela Lawrence MBE, Robert McLoughlin OBE.

The others on the list were Joseph Brown BEM, Dr Laura Cohen MBE, Lora Fachie MBE, and Jacqueline Granger Brown BEM. Robert Hough CBE DL, John Howe MBE, Rita Jones BEM and Sandra Lindsay MBE were also included. Mark Riddell MBE and Andrew Scallan CBE were amongst the celebrated group.

The Trafford Council Leader, Sean Anstee – this year’s Manchester Mayoral candidate – was also in attendance. Additionally, members of Trafford Council’s Honours sub-committee, and eight guests made up the rest of the guest list.

Speaking at the event, Mayor Lloyd said: “Receiving such an honour is a unique way the country can recognise and acknowledge the significant contribution and extraordinary efforts people go to for their communities or organisations they work for.

“For those who, having had their nominations rigorously scrutinised and evaluated, are fortunate enough to receive the letter through the door telling them they are to be honoured, it is a huge moment of pride.

Here in Trafford we are delighted to have so many people for whom this has happened and it is important and a privilege to be able to mark their achievements formally’.

Mr Mundell told TNT that ‘It was great attending the honours celebrations at Trafford Town Hall. I also met some fantastic people who do great things within our community’.

The council said it is keen to offer advice, guidance and support to help anyone wishing to submit a nomination to government.

On the other hand, interested residents can contact the Greater Manchester Lieutenancy Office for help on Honours, Awards and Messages from The Queen.

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Photo Credit: Hilrette Hilary Hazle

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