Trevor Noah back after surgery


Let’s talk about speedy recoveries!

Trevor Noah, 31, was rushed to the hospital November 4 for an emergency appendectomy. However ‘The Daily Show’ host has some miraculous recovery powers – and an amazing work ethic – as he returned on the show the next day, even though he’s not able to stand up.

So the stand-up comedian cannot stand up. We just had to use that pun; sorry Trevor. We do wish you fully recover and maintain good health from here on.

Comedy Central said “the procedure went well”.

The comedian has surely earned himself the Trooper of the Year award in TNT’s book.

The South African replaced Jon Stewart, who stepped down after 16 years.

Trevor himself tweeted on the day: “Thank you for your love and support. The Daily Show is back on but I can’t stand up. Tune in 11pm Comedy Central”.

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Photo Credit: Comedy Central Youtube

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