Tribute on behalf of Olivia Campbell-Hardy’s mum and step-dad. 

The family of Olivia Campbell-Hardy, a victim of the Manchester bombing on 22 May have released a statement.

Olivia is one of the 22 people killed by Salman Abedi’s suicide bomb at the Manchester Arena last month.

Her mother and step-dad have released the following statement.

“Ollie – where do we begin?

She was so lovely but could be an absolute nightmare in equal measure but everything she did we loved.

She got away with everything because she was the youngest.

She was a gobby cow – she was so cheeky, but you just couldn’t tell her off, it was impossible. You’d just end up laughing.

Ollie loved her family and her boyfriend Lewis. He worshipped the ground she walked on.

She could click her fingers and he would come running.

They would sit sharing Oreos – she would eat the cream and he would eat the biscuits.

Ollie and her sister Trina used to fight like cat and dog, but minutes later they would be back being best friends.

She was obsessed with make-up and wouldn’t leave the house without being fully made up. She loved her eyebrows – they always had to be “on fleek”.

Anyone who met Ollie would never forget her. She was so loveable and has already changed so many lives.

We will miss Ollie every day. But this house will always be full of laughter because of the 15 years of memories she gave us.

Ollie – we love you so much”.

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