Trump hires Omarosa to help win black votes

After polls in Ohio revealed Donald Trump gained 0% of votes amongst black voters, his campaign has hired Omarosa Manigault as director of African American outreach.

Omarosa, who rose to fame through Trump’s TV show, “The Apprentice”, has been an avid supporter of the Republican Party nominee. Now, with her newly appointed title, she hopes to increase the diminutive support for Trump within the black community.

In her efforts to improve voting statistics, Omarosa has consistently stated that: “Donald Trump is focused on improving the economic conditions of African Americans in this country”.

When asked to explain the 70-year-old’s significantly low poll scores, Omarosa defended the claims of his lack of success by stating:“I’m just wondering who they called because those numbers would be flawed according to the people who have come out to support him. I’m surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of the United States who are African-Americans”.

Despite Trump’s statements on unifying America and improving jobs for African Americans, Trump’s overtly racist politicking has come at the expense of alienating black Republicans and black voters in general.

In spite of Trump’s confidence that he will win African-American votes, his history of consistently defending racist claims may hinder his success.

In 1973, the Department of Justice sued the Trump Management Corporation for refusing to rent to black people. In the 1980s the New Yorker reported that several black employees were ordered off the floor when Trump and his first of three wives, Ivana, were present.

More recently, Trump refused to disavow former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke’s endorsement in February on the grounds that he “didn’t know him”. In March, Trump offered to pay the legal fees of a man who punched a black protestor at a rally in North Carolina.

With an estimated 11% of black voters identifying as Republicans, Omarosa’s appointment as director of African American outreach is pivotal.

The New York Times reported that in the previous two presidential elections, black women had the highest voting turn out – with figures of around 70% of any voting demographic. With this figure being so high, it is understandable why measures have been taken to improve his shockingly low support within the black community.

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