#Trump pursuing ‘all options’ to reinstate travel ban

Donald Trump is continuing to pursue ‘all options’ to reinstate his travel ban after it was blocked.

The anti-humanitarian ban was blocked on 3 February 2017. After federal judges ruled that it was unconstitutional. #Trump has faced several legal challenges. Despite this, the President has remained committed to reinstating the travel ban. He is prepared to bring the fight to the courts.

The President’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, has announced that a new executive order is being considered. The new anti-immigrant order will be drafted to include ‘new language’ which the courts will favour.

Miller appeared on four major US news broadcasts to confirm that Trump will not be giving up on the order.

Trump is prepared to do all it takes to lift suspension on the ban. These options include: an emergency stay at the Supreme Court and a court trial at the district level. The redrafting of a ‘fresh’ order is also a favoured option.

It is expected that the order will not violate the US constitution. The previous order violated the constitution – which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion.

Standing by, anti-immigrant, discriminatory rhetoric, Trump’s administration has vowed to do “whatever’s necessary to keep our country safe”.

Trump said that a new order needs to be put in place “speedily” for “reasons of security”. When asked about what would be amended in the new order, the president said that “very little” would change.

The Trump administration have condemned the powers of the judiciary, stating that the “judiciary” is not supreme.

Judge James Robart – who imposed the restraining order on the ban – was called a “so-called Judge” by the President. #donaldtrump said Robart put America “in peril”. On 13 February, the ban was blocked again by a judge in Virginia who ruled that it violated rights.

Again, Trump’s xenophobic stance, stresses that he will stand by his mission to push out and push back the ‘aliens’.

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Photo Credit: Wall Street Journal

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