Trump’s America: “Don’t tip black people” – Watch

Racism has ‘been on the table’ in America, mirroring the political landscape which sees Donald Trump take office.

Another example of racism came when a racist note was left for a black waitress at a Virginian restaurant. Instead of a tip, waitress, Kelly Carter was left with a racist note at the bottom of a receipt.

The note was left by a white couple who appeared to be in their mid 20s. The couple seemed satisfied with the service at the restaurant, with the female customer even complimenting the food.

Despite this the couple failed to tip the waitress instead, highlighting their satisfaction through a racist note. The couple wrote ‘great service don’t tip black people’.

Carter – whose customer service is ‘way beyond’ the norm – was good enough to serve the white couple. However, she was not good enough to tip. This refusal to tip, once again, labels African-Americans as second-class citizens who are not entitled to fair treatment.

This treatment assumes that black Americans are lesser-than, an assumption encouraged by Trump’s rhetoric and policies. Nazi salutes and all hail Trump chants have also further inspired such behaviour.

The note was posted on Facebook by two of Kelly’s regular customers; it has since circulated across social-media platforms. Many users have voiced their astonishment and disbelief.

Civil Rights organisation, NAACP, have also been active about the matter, sharing the note online. The organisation’s president, Phillip Thompson, said that ‘pressure’ created by social media will ‘deal with’ the situation. The note is more fitting to the pre-Civil rights and 60s era where racist notes and signs were normal.

Tommy Tellez, owner of the restaurant, said that the response to these injustices have been ‘phenomenal’. Customers have been ‘rallying’ to support the waitress – donations have been made.

Trump is certainly making America ‘great’ again; racial discrimination of this kind only supports this idea.

TNT News

Photo Credit: John Horse

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