Trust – a dying art form




“Lela’s in hospital.” Nia frantically said through her hands free as she drove into the hospital grounds searching for an available parking space.

“Is the baby ok?” Sasha asked frightened and concerned while putting her shoes on.

“I don’t know.” Nia replied.

“Ok I’m coming up to the hospital now; do the rest of The Six know?”

“Yes.” Nia replied, “Everyone is making their way up there.”

Sasha exiting her flat asked, “What about Roman does he know?”

“Yes, Steele told him.”


The Six piled into Lela’s room greeting her with hugs and kisses.

Nia stood at Lela’s bed side and stroked her head while saying, “Give tanks and praise that you and the baby are going to be ok.”

“Lela you need to stop stressing out.” Sasha added as she put out the flowers and fruit that The Six had bought at the hospital shop.

Knight who was sat at the foot of the bed said, “What’s troubling you Babygirl, what’s on your mind to make ya blood pressure rise so.”

Lela blurted, “I think I wanna get back with Roman and end it with White Man Stan.”

Steele retorted, “But Roman’s gay.”

Lela re-adjusting her bed to the upward position said, “No he’s not gay, he was confused…Anyway how do any of us really know if di man dem we lay down wid have tek a man before?”

Nia replied, “We don’t.”

Steele asked as he popped a grape into his mouth, “What If he plays you again?”

Lela replied, “It’s a risk I’m prepared to take.”

Sasha who was sharing a chair with Benjamin stated, “You love him don’t you.”

Benjamin looked at Sasha and said that’s irrelevant…How can Lela betray Stan like that?”

Sasha replied, “We all do stuff… I slept with the Black Coffee that night we went to that bashment dance and now he’s blacklisted me.”

Giggling Lela said, “I want all the juicy details…How long, how tick, how…”

Knight cut her off and said, “Just cool yaself Miss Asante big belly gyal.

Benjamin fiddling and focusing on his mobile phone cautiously said, “Sasha not being funny Empress but I saw the Black Coffee here today in the maternity ward, he was with some pregnant woman, she looked ready to drop and he had his arm wrapped around her waist…”

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