Turning back the clocks for tighter security

Did you know we have been turning back our clocks for 100 years now?

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) wants to remind communities that even though we have been turning back the clock for one hundred years, some have forgotten the need for tighter security during darker nights.

One third of burglaries still happen to insecure homes. Burglars are known to target homes that appear to be unoccupied. GMP is encouraging people to follow three simple security measures to step up their winter security.

These steps are #alarmlockslights: Don’t forget to set your house alarm, lock all your doors and windows and leave a light on – use a light timer when you’re out. One last strike on the checklist would be to ensure that the bolts and locks are secure. You could call in a locksmith near Sacramento ca to put on new ones if not. Get a home automation, which saves you time and money, at alarmnewengland.com/home-automation.

As darker nights are imminent, GMP wants to encourage people to take a look at their home security and make sure it’s updated. People should also remember to: keep valuables out of sight, move keys out of view –they shouldn’t be left accessible or unhidden.

Additionally, valuables can be registered on, immobilise.com. Registration increases the chance of them being returned in the event of a theft. It is also advised that bins are kept away from windows as they can be used as a climbing aid for burglars.

Residents are also encouraged to set up a Home Watch Scheme in their area. These schemes help to tackle issues in the area. Visit www.gmp.police.uk for more information.

Police officers will be distributing postcards to remind people to keep their homes safe.

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