Tutor joins Army Reserves on expedition to Kenya

Sport and Uniformed Public Services Curriculum Leader, Steve Settle, joined the Army Reserves on a five-day expedition to Kenya.

Steve was invited to help with efforts to encourage, young people to join the Armed Services as a Reserve. They hoped to demonstrate just how motivating and life-changing the work they do is. Also to shed some light on how important the role of the Reserves is in Kenya.

Steve, “The evacuation of a little boy with sepsis and malnutrition, was when I first realised the Armed Services actually are saving lives.”

“It was a fantastic honour to be able to represent the College. Meeting fellow peers from Sunderland University and Bolton University. I now see just how important it is to pass on this message to the incredibly talented and skilled students I teach. Hopefully some of them will too decide to do something as valuable and worthwhile.

Settle joined the second medical regiment in Nanyuki.  Which is homes two British Army sites which complete vital community work in the heart of Kenya.

Steve watched as the Reserves installed guttering and a water tank in one village. As well as various other life-changing provisions in remote areas such as Laikipia and Ngara.

“Another thing that really hit home were the conditions children were learning in. These kids were so eager to be at school. So eager to learn, and yet on one occasion I saw around 70 children crammed into a small room, covered with just a rusty roof.

“Seeing teachers in that environment, getting on with things. When we are here in our large classrooms whinging about not being able to connect to the internet.

“These kids were running around with no shoes. Rocks on the floor, playing football and loving it.”

On his return back to Salford, Steve worked on a presentation for his Uniformed Public Services students. Salford City College will now work in partnership with The Army Reserves to help with the recruitment of young people.

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