TV Documentary highlights feud between Jay Z and Kanye

Hip Hop’s biggest selling artists Jay Z and Kanye are truly Hip Hop royalty. With platinum albums and a worldwide fan base.

But after watching the documentary Public Enemies – Jay-Z vs Kanye on Channel 4, the S’*@ has hit the fan. Fans all over the globe have taken to social media to air their seeming contempt for Jay Z and empathy for Kanye.

The documentary has been debated throughout social media

Q. Did Jay Z use his former protegee? – or was it just business.
Q. Did Jay Z shelve Kanye? – don’t you always eliminate the competition.
Q. Were they ever friends? – or is business, business.

The Channel 4 documentary followed the two Hip Hop stars personal background and illustrious careers. They talked to industry representative, former friends and had rarely seen before footage to illustrate the brewing feud between Jay Z and Kanye. However Jay-Z and Kanye did not contribute to the documentary themselves.

Social media was ignited, asking, had Jay Z ‘used’ producer and rapper Kanye, and ultimately Kanye was more talented than Jay Z. It was also stated “The man is a genius” again referring to Kanye.

While others stated in rebuttal, Jay-Z was already a star, music mogul, credible rap artist and had Roc-A-Fella Records music label. Thus propelling Kanye to fame and fortune. Also stated in defence of Jay Z was – business is business and its not Jay Z’s job to play nurse maid to a budding primadonna.

Arguably the pair formed a friendship when their joint selling platinum album ‘Watch The Throne’ was released. Then a sold out world tour ensued.

To the world, Kanye threw the first public stone and was filmed onstage ranting about his mentors lack of support at that time in his life when he needed him.

‘Jay-Z call me bruh, you still ain’t call me. Jay-Z I know you got killers. Please don’t send em at my head. Just call me [sic]’
Shortly after the public rant Kanye was hospitalised, for a nervous breakdown. Begging the question, did he need a reason to explain away the outburst or a place to hide from an OG? Whatever the reason Kanye has undoubtedly struggled with his mothers death and his wife very public and traumatic robbery.

While Kanye continues to lead a very public life, Jay Z still guards his private life and plays his cards very close to his chest.
Lets not forget, they seemed to be outwardly getting on, before his celebrity marriage to Kim kardashian and his global fashion line.

Nevertheless, Kanye is reportedly recording his next album – Lets hope he keeps Jay Z out of his mouth, as he doesn’t want – ’99 Problems’

For Jay Z, 4.44 has been released and he’s concentrating on a cleaner persona. Appearing to come clean and apologise to Beyonce, about his alleged indiscretions over the years. Kanye would hope Jay z doesn’t become too – ‘Heartless’.

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