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Twitter drops 9% of workforce – Watch

Twitter’s latest plan to improve its profitability involves cutting 9% of its workforce.

Around 350 people will reportedly lose their jobs in the restructure – which claims to allow the company to fund its highest priorities, “driving greater efficiency”.

A number of now former-staff have already taken to the social media platform to announce their employment loss. Using the hashtag “#twitterlayoffs”, many are announcing their departure, posting pictures of their id badges or offering support to those affected by the cuts.

Patrick Svenburg is one of the people to have already been cut. He tweeted from @svenburg saying: “I, too, am affected by the Twitter layoffs. Incredibly proud and grateful to have been part of The Flock. Nothing but [love] #twitterlayoffs”.

As another part of Twitter’s bid to increase profits, they have made the decision to axe popular video app ‘Vine’.

Vine allows people to create 6-second video clips – usually for comedic effect. Despite the likelihood of some user backlash, Twitter will discontinue the app in the near future.

Chief executive Jack Dorsey has commented on the decisions, saying: “We have a clear plan, and we’re making the necessary changes to ensure Twitter is positioned for long-term growth”.

With other social media outlets such as Facebook and Snapchat developing constantly, Twitter has made the choices needed to compete.

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