Twitter outrage over #OregonStandOff verdict

Police officers arrested 141 Standing Rock protesters; on the same day a jury in Portland, Oregon, issued a verdict of ‘not guilty’ for white Militia leaders – who staged an armed occupation of federal land to protest government policies.

With over a hundred ‘water protectors’ arrested, whilst police continually use unreasonable  force on unarmed activists, fury  has ensued on Twitter about ‘white privilege’ and police brutality against people of colour.

“Activists at the Malheur wildlife refuge were carrying guns – but if Native people were armed we’d be killed”, a standing rock protester told the Guardian.

Thousands of Native Americans have been camping out in North Dakota since April 2016; standing together opposing the Dakota access pipeline – a $3.7 billion [£3 billion] investment.

Members from Standing Rock Sioux tribe and other indigenous Americans have been protesting as this new development will cross sacred burial grounds.

Activists have said that they plan on protecting their land even through the winter refusing to stand down.

Native Americans at Standing Rock have stood by their peaceful protest rule with “no weapons” signs over their camp – even after the police brutality and arrests some of their activists have faced since the protest begun.

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Photo Credit: Democracy Now!

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