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Two men jailed for Spice offences and banned from city centre

Two men have been jailed and banned from the city centre after being caught with thousands of pounds worth of Spice.

Connor Hegarty, 20, of Ancoats and Dale Nish, 31, of no fixed address, were sentenced to a total of seven and a half years at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square.

Hegarty previously pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Spice on two separate occasions around the Piccadilly area. He also pleaded guilty to the supply of class A drugs in Miles Platting.

Nish pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply Spice on two separate occasions in Manchester City Centre. He pleaded guilty to possession of criminal property (cash) on two occasions, linked to the Spice dealing.

As part of their sentencing, the duo was also handed four-year Criminal Behaviour Orders which ban them from the city centre after their release. They faced the issue: what are mitigating factors that might result in reduced charges or a lesser sentence?

On Wednesday 10 of August 2016 Hegarty and Nish were arrested in the China Town area of the city centre. They had on them a bag containing an estimated £2,000 worth of Spice.

Both were bailed and on the following day Hegarty was seen in Piccadilly Gardens by council CCTV cameras taking part in suspected drug deals. He was stopped by officers and found in possession of ten wraps of Spice.

On Thursday 2 February 2017, officers executed warrants at a few addresses across Miles Platting and Ancoats. It was part of Operation Rudow – a multi-agency operation targeting organised crime and the supply of drugs in North Manchester.

As part of this, Hegarty was further arrested and charged with supplying Class A drugs.

Operation Mandera

On Saturday 13 May 2017 Nish was spotted by officers in the Northern Quarter area of the city. He was stopped and a bag which contained a large amount of Spice and cash was seized.

Constable Leon Cawley-Bowyer, of GMP’s City of Manchester Team, said: “Today’s sentencing demonstrates how committed we are to tackle the issue of Spice in Greater Manchester.

“We will continue to target those who choose to deal it in the city centre through Operation Mandera. If you are caught dealing Spice, or any drugs, you will be dealt with proportionally and could end up behind bars.

“The dangers of Spice have been widely reported over the last few months and it is vital that we continue to fight this battle which includes taking the people who deal it off our streets.

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