Tyler Perry set to take over American Airlines







Widely Influential American figure Tyler Perry has reportedly had an offer for American Airlines accepted. The Texas based AMR corporation, who are the parent company of American Airlines, have announced that the company filled petitions for chapter 11 reorganisation in the US bankruptcy Court for The Southern District of New York.

The affluent actor/director allegedly made a magnetic offer of around $5bn that was quickly accepted by the airline company. A source close to American Airlines stated, “Mr. Perry made a bold and brilliant move, he is the smartest mogul in the country. No other businessman would have the guts to try to bail out the biggest airline in the United States”. This source also added that the sale to Tyler Perry is in the best interest of the organisation and its shareholders.

Perry, who is the conveyor of exhilarating show ‘House of Payne’ and the creator of elusive character ‘Madea’, supposedly plans to rename the airline African-American Airlines. If reports are true and Perry does now own the airline, then the airline will begin by targeting African-American passengers. However industry experts say that many White, Asian and Latino passengers will want to fly with the new look airline in order to feel exclusive and stylish. American Airlines said it will be operating normal flight schedules, honouring tickets and reservations, and making normal refunds and exchanges throughout the transitional period.

Perry has reportedly said that he will slowly implement new changes within the company, he remarked “I want every flight to be a positive experience for all passengers and I hope to turn every flight in to a morality play of some sorts”. Perry is an avid supporter of a range of charities including ‘Aid Still Required’, ‘Jackie Robinson Foundation’ and ‘NAACP’ as well as being regarded as a representative of the American people, consequently he appears to be the right man to take American Airlines in an ethical direction.

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