Tyreeeezy: A fresh, unique addition to Manchester’s jukebox

Manchester has long been recognised for its rich music heritage, and recently was crowned the UK’s ‘music city’. With that aside, what’s worth noting and celebrating is how the city’s musical landscape has become more porous, fresher and vibrant.

Tyreeeezy (Tyrell Morrison) from Manchester is an artist whose style is indicative of the city’s positive new movement. The 24-year-old singer-songwriter from Withington recently spoke to TNT exclusively; recalling his incredible impact on the scene in such a short time.

If you are firmly Team Drake when it comes to the melting point of mixed urban contemporary genres, then know that Tyreeeezy raises the bar even higher. Blending Afro-swing, R&B, Neo-soul and that “old school sound” – as he told TNT – Tyreeeezy’s music is refreshing and infectiously addictive.

Having always been a singer since childhood, he has been a music-lover for as long as he can remember. “I have always been into music when I was younger but never really took it seriously”, he said.

“I just listen to every artist. I listen to radio, listen to playlists. It’s kinda like everyone inspires me”, he said about where he draws inspiration from.

It has only been since last year that Tyreeeezy turned pro. Following an invitation from a friend to go into the recording studio, “I released my first song with P1 Caps on Soundcloud called ‘Show No Love’. The numbers it done, for a first a song, I thought I must be doing something right. I got motivated by the numbers. I kinda felt, ‘You can do this’.

“It was also being played in Manchester clubs”, he said about what continued to drive him to keep working professionally in music. Although Tyreeeezy is arguably in his own league within Manchester with the style of his music, there are a few other artists contributing similar sounds to him. “24K, Jus Banco and Culps” are producing something similar but not exactly the same as Tyreeeezy too, he said.

‘Vacation’, a single of his whose video (directed by KC Locke) looks as polished and fitting as his style, is perhaps the perfect embodiment of what Tyreeeezy promises to be producing in future. Although not yet officially signed by a record label, Tyreeeezy has “enough songs to make an album”.

Weaving themes of “love, good vibes and everyday ‘life’” into his tracks, Tyreeeezy writes his own music. The ‘Vacation’ singer surely has bangers that have the longevity for any jukebox in any town for any season.

Although initially self-funded, Tyreeeezy has now managed to form a professional working partnership with local producers who provide studio sessions for him in Manchester.

Growing up in Hulme, Tyreeeezy has seen Manchester’s music scene develop into various tailored playlists. He would like to see more unrecognised talent and people who are into music to just start making music. “If you love music and can do music, why would you just work at Asda? Also, if you love working in a lab, why work in music?”

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Photo Credit: GRM Daily

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