Uber’s self-driving car – terrific or terrifying?

A world of driver-less cars may seem like something from the distant future, but Uber are undertaking a new challenge to make this dream become a reality now.

Embarking on an intense research project – that many thought would take decades – has meant that Uber is jumping ahead of Google and Tesla for the leading the way with technology.

The first test drives of the driver-less cars were carried out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US this month. So far, the service is only allowing a select few to experience the autonomous driving in a few Pennsylvania locations.

One model for the self-driving Uber car has been a Ford Fusion. The driverless cars are fitted with a huge, spinning LiDar (light-sensing radar) and GPS sensors as well as 20 cameras.

The LiDar remote sensing technology allows the car to ‘see’ obstacles by using lasers to map out the world.
Unfortunately, autonomous Uber cars are very much in its early stages. During the test drives, safety drivers were seated in the passenger seat to prepare for emergency intervention if need be.

According to sources, the driver-less cars sometimes struggle with bridges due to the limited environmental surroundings that the car can locate to position itself.

While Uber is still in the testing process, the very idea of a driverless car can appear frightening to some. Would you get in a self-driving car? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheNubianTimes.

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Photo Credit: TribLIVE

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