Ugly -by Constance-Briscoe

The is a true Story of a Loveless Childhood. The story begins with Constance Briscoe as a little girl.  Fronting up to social services to request admission to a children’s home.

Constance is sent back to her south London home. Her Mother, Carmen, is known to the authorities as a glowing example of Motherhood. Adopting one child as well as bearing six of her own, she is seen an inspiration to her local community.

Deciding that “life was not worth living at all”, Briscoe returns home. Constance returns home and swallows a bottle of bleach.  “Domestos kills all known germs. an Mother had for so long told me that I was a germ”.

Treated like a slave in her own home. Briscoe is also singled out from her siblings, which total 10 at one point. Her siblings receive new Christmas presents whereas Briscoe is given the same one every year, re-wrapped.

Her Mother moves out with some of her children to her boyfriend’s home. Leaving Briscoe and two of her siblings to fend for themselves without food or money.  The 13-year-old has to pay rent, forcing her to take two jobs and still go to school.

This is a very disturbing story which makes you cry in bucket loads. Where is a Mother’s love? Alongside plenty of tissues, this book is a must read on how a parent can destroy a child’s soul.

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