Is the UK ready for its first black princess?

According to reports, Prince Harry may be taking his one-year relationship to the next level. Rumours say that the prince will be taking actress Megan Markle to meet the Queen of England with plans to propose.

Traditionally, meeting the Queen is a step away from becoming the princess.

However, is England ready and open-minded to have its first bi-racial princess? Even though she is mixed race, the world still looks at her as black.

You only should look at the comments under online articles about the couple and on social media to realise that.

Meghan, who is black and white, received constant criticism from British media when Prince Harry and the actress went public about their relationship.

Additionally, Harry had to publicly defend his lady last year; calling out several British media for their ‘outright racism’ toward his girlfriend.

Even if the 32-year-old royal were to ask for her hand in marriage and the pair tie the knot. Markle, 36, would not be known as Princess Meghan.

This is because of rules governing the British crown. Only those born into the royal family can use the title Prince or Princess, followed by their first name.

Therefore, if Meghan and Harry marry, she will be officially known as Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales.

However, it is almost guaranteed that if the pair marry, the Queen will instead give them a Dukedom before their wedding.

It is also believed that if the pair wed, they would become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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