Uk urban vibe July features yes! Idris Elba, LVLO8 – Watch


What a crazy few weeks in the world of UK music it has been. Just as the last issue of The Nubian Times went to print, Skepta released a remix of his Shutdown track featuring none other than Idris Elba!
Yep, Idris as in Luther and as in Stringer Bell from The Wire. He raps too don’t you know. In fact, Idris has been rapping and singing professionally- like with music videos and all that- since around 2006 under the moniker Driis.
Even thought Skepta initially decided to turn down the several requests he received from fellow artists to appear on the track, this was one he couldn’t refuse after Idris posted a video on Instagram of himself laughing at a complaint made by a viewer of Kanye West’s Brit Awards performance in which he brought several UK rappers dressed in all black on stage with him.
Shocked grime fans have welcomed Driis’s wicked verse on the track, as fan ‘AverageJoe’ commented on Soundcloud, “he is 42 and merking. Life goals.”
We mentioned them last month but because they’re constantly doing their thing, we just have to mention them again! Taya Sophie has released the video to her debut single F***ed Up via Link Up TV on Youtube and with over 13,000 views in just 10 days it is looking like it’s going to be a banger! Pre-orders of her EP Know My Name got her to #17 on the iTunes R’n’B chart and she is steadily climbing the ranks since its release on 27 June.
Secondly, after the success of his mini tour- including a stop in his hometown of Manchester at the Ritz- Bugzy Malone is continuing to take advantage of his sudden and rapid rise to the top of the grime scene by releasing his EP Walk With Me on 27 July. Fans can expect more heartfelt lyrics delivered in his own unique way as he continues to strive to put Manny on the map.
Finally Manchester collective Levelz have released LVL09, the follow up to December 2014 release LVL07.
Fresh off the back of their UK tour (LVL08), Chimpo, Truthos Mufasa, Skittles, Sparkz, Black Josh + T-Man are the MCs from the 14+ strong crew that appear on this track. Their individual ways with words are brought together in to a seamless flow by none other than Zed Bias on a beat created by Metrodome and Biome.
With their genre of music described as “every and none” on Facebook, the Levelz guys are providing a new kind of music to the world that shows just the Levelz Manchester are taking independent music to.

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