UK WATCH LIST – Watch Featuring Murkz

The Manchester music scene is known for breaking boundaries and making things happen but it seems we’re more determined than ever in 2015 with more and more artists of all calibre and level of success opting to add visuals to their verses and vocals.

Even if they don’t have the financial backing that others do, everyone is trying something and the footage produced speaks volumes.

For example, the South Manny grime/ underground (Whatever you want to call it) scene has been brought to life as Robbahollow calls on Sly, Dyno, Captin and Mennis to say a few words on the 0161 Freestyle.

Then you have Murkz, who has Embraced his grime roots and come back with the banger that is Eyes on You over Davinche’s revolutionary beat, holding his own in the video on a solo tip.

Whether they’re looking for world fame or simply want to give people a peek in to the life they live, Manchester has clocked that a music video is the way forward.

It’s only a matter of time before one of these Manny grime veterans breaks through, watch this space!

TNT Entertainment

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