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UKIP voted most hated brand in the UK

Yes, you read that right, Nigel Farage’s UKIP has been voted the most hated brand in the UK by Brits. Anticipate an infinitude of witty Twitter memes and hashtags.

The euro-sceptic party which is always at the centre of controversy even beat Marmite the food spread brand which uses the tag “Love it or hate it” in its marketing ads.

Making it in the same most-hated list as UKIP was budget Irish airline Ryanair, US fast food chains McDonald’s and KFC, alongside high-street coffee shop Starbucks.  Whilst party leader Nigel Farage may not welcome the news – however unaffected his many facial expressions may seem – he may not be pleased to learn that online shopping giant Amazon topped the list of most loved brands in the UK. The online shop, normally scorned by critics for its alleged tax-avoidance, was cosily joined by Cadbury and Walkers in the same list.

The survey conducted by advertising agency Isobel comes after a poll published today showed that the Tories have gained a four-point lead in the run-up to the general election – the biggest surge for the party since 2013.

Before you go onto social media to join the comic frenzy, here is the list:

Top ten most-hated brands


  1. Ukip
  2. Conservatives
  3. Marmite
  4. Ryanair
  5. Labour
  6. LibDems
  7. McDonalds
  8. Starbucks
  9. Facebook
  10. KFC


Top twenty most-loved brands


  1. Amazon
  2. Cadbury
  3. Walkers
  4. Heinz
  5. BBC1
  6. Google
  7. Kellogg’s
  8. Boots
  9. Tesco
  10. ITV
  11. eBay
  12. Asda
  13. M&S
  14. PG Tips
  15. Facebook
  16. Colgate
  17. Coca Cola
  18. Aldi
  19. BBC2
  20. Fairy


TNT News Yasin Chinembiri

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