Unity radio making a stand: The NGY Show

“This is peers talking amongst themselves about a serious issue that affects them.”
The NGY Show on Unity radio 92.8fm every Thursday 7-9pm is a group of youths aged 13-18 who speak about the huge subject of child sexual exploitation (CSE)using music, fashion and entertainment as a way to get through to their peers via frank discussion.
Meeting for the first time around eight months ago, Wolf, Nikita, Alanna, Olivia and a few others have come a long way despite having little background in studio work and production.
They’ve interviewed an array of people from Tony Lloyd MP to Tinchy Stryder and create their two hour show all by themselves, with a little help from the professionals a Unity.
The NGY Show has also opened several windows of opportunity for these young people such as aspiring rapper Olivia meeting her idol Lady Ice and Wolf being offered a place at a University Technical College in Media City.
By speaking about CSE, NGY are helping themselves and other young people understand and explore what is and is not a healthy relationship so that they can grow up to lead safer and happier lives.

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