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University launches learning centre to help young people of North Manchester

The Into University Manchester North centre is a new education project run by national education charity Into University in partnership with The University of Manchester.

Building on existing programmes of outreach projects, Into University Manchester North will work with up to 1,000 children and young people each year, to make the best of their talents and improve their chances of gaining a university place.

Based at the Co-op Academy North Manchester, the centre is already working with four primary schools and two secondary schools in the area. It has seen dozens of families sign their children up to receive after-school support, access to university-student mentors, workshops and insight into university life.

Dr Rachel Carr OBE, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Into University, said: “We are delighted to have opened our first centre in Manchester in partnership with The University of Manchester. We are so grateful to our partner schools and the families of our students for all their support in getting the centre up and running!

“Early intervention is crucial in supporting students into higher education. Our centres start working with children as young as 7 to sow the seeds of aspiration. Into University centres are based in the heart of the community to give local young people the best chance of attaining a university place in the future.”

President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, added: “The University of Manchester places a high importance on being a part of our local communities and schools. We recognise that it is extremely important for us to reach out to all young people across the city, including North Manchester.

“We want them to have an affiliation with our institution and that’s why the Into University Manchester North is such an important initiative for us and we’re very proud to be a part of it.”

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Photo Credit: The University of Manchester

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