University of Manchester sees huge spike in burglaries

According to reports, the University of Manchester has the highest amount of burglaries outside London. Within just a one-mile radius of the main campus, 2016 saw 822 reported burglaries.

This staggering figure suggests that one in three students are likely to become a victim of crime.

A study from looked at 25 universities outside London. The study revealed how many burglaries had occurred within a one-mile radius from the central point of each campus.

From January to November in 2016, Leeds saw 799 student burglaries and Sheffield reported just over 700. The lowest university town was Durham with only 96.

A survey, which received 2,000 responses, found that 64% of students admitted to leaving valuable possessions in plain sight. The survey also found that 48% of students don’t lock the main door before everyone goes to sleep.

John Leech, Former Withington MP and leader of ‘Manchester Students Stay Safe’ campaign commented on the news. “It’s becoming very easy for students and their homes to be targeted by thieves and burglars”, he said.
“I want every student to feel safe, secure and have the best possible experience living, studying and working in Manchester.  Having their home burgled can be a really distressing experience, even if they’re out when it happens”.

The study found that a relaxed attitude and a fast-paced lifestyle meant that students are easy targets for opportunist intruders.

John Leech, as part of his campaign has suggested many ways to ensure safety and avoid burglaries. Routinely checking that windows and doors are locked, getting old locks changed and keeping lights on, were just a few.
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Photo Credit: University of Manchester

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