‘Unlawful police action’ training offered


Training on what to do when you witness or experience unlawful police actions is being offered to residents of Manchester.

Community group Northern Police Monitoring Project (NPMP) is running a second ‘Community Monitoring’ training event on Saturday 17th January.

Tanzil Chowdhury, co-founder of NPMP, said, “We are running a project where we train locals on how to observe and deal with police acting unlawfully within their areas.

“Greater Manchester Police has been scandalised with issues including the deaths of Anthony Grainger, Jordan Begley, the third highest taser use in the UK, and recent reports of institutional racism and sexism.

“These concerns, alongside the ongoing issue of high levels of stop and search and its disproportionate use on black and Asian communities, make this project more important now than ever.”

Estelle du Boulay from the Network of police monitoring (Netpol) said, “Community monitoring projects can play a critical role in increasing police accountability, deterring abuse of power and providing support to local people experiencing oppressive use of stop and search. This project follows successful pilots in Birmingham and London.”

The project is running in conjunction with Netpol and provides training and expenses for all those it involves.

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