Upcoming local artist – Joel Gardner

After only a year of performing solo, Joel Gardner – the second musician to appear on TNT’s local artists segment – is taking Manchester, and beyond, by storm.

Seen regularly at thriving hotspots such as The Fitzgerald, and The Wonder Inn, Joel Gardner showcases his incredible talent. His finger-picking acoustic guitar sound, blends seamlessly with echoes of rock, pop and folk.

With guitar in hand and Mississippi stomp box at foot, Joel’s music resonates with the likes of John Butler. Other artists who inspire the musician include Newton Fawkner, Ben Howar02d, John Mayer and Jack Johnson.

In collaboration with 3 other acts, the artist has worked towards going on tour within the new year. The Hometowns Tour will showcase the unmissable talents of Joel, David Gorman, The Healing and Alx Green.

Independently created, the Hometowns Tour will take place in the hometowns of each of the contributing artists. Joel Gardner will headline in Macclesfield, David Gorman in Manchester, The Healing in North Wales and Alx Green in Chester.

2017 will also see more than just a tour for the 22-year-old artist.

Currently in the works is his new EP created in Edge Studios, who’s credits include Lily Allen and The Script. The warm and vibrant sound of the EP reflects the location in which it was written. Writing from Spain, Joel’s upcoming piece will carry this theme in both its look and sound.

When released, the upcoming project will accompany his current single. The track released earlier this year, ’When I’ve Got You’, is available on both Spotify and iTunes.

For more information about Joel, or to check out his music you can find him on Facebook, Spotify, and iTunes.

TNT Music Alexia Hendrickson

Photo Credit: Brendan Clayton Photography

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