UPDATE: GMP holding body parts of victims of crime

Reports have revealed that Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has been holding the body parts of victims of crime.

The relatives of victims of crime have been informed that GMP has been holding body parts of victims. The body parts have been secretly held for over a decade without relatives knowing.

Body parts have reportedly been taken from 180 victims of crime from Greater Manchester. The news was revealed following the Alder Hey Scandal. Following this, GMP revealed that they had been storing remains of victims of crime.

GMP has been contacting relatives to determine how they wish to dispose of the remains of victims of crime. GMP has dealt with the issue sensitively and began visiting victims’ families in September 2016.

Many of the body parts held, pre-date September 2006 . In September 2006, legislation was passed banning the storage of human tissue without the consent of family members.

The news of the holding has caused family members of victims of crime to experience heartbreak once more. Family members buried victims without knowing that their remains have been kept.

A local media publication reported that the mother of a victim of gun crime has received her son’s remains. The teenage victim was shot in 2003. His mother must now deal with his remaining body parts.

Another mother from Wigan was informed that she would have to lay her son’s body parts to rest. Her son’s body parts had been kept in a lab for over 20 years.

In 2012, an audit revealed that 492 whole organs or ‘significant’ body parts had been kept. The body parts had been kept at police stations, labs and hospital mortuaries on behalf of police.

The Nubian Times (TNT) has contacted GMP about the matter. GMP said “This is a deeply sensitive and private matter for the families affected and the decision to contact them was not taken lightly”.

GMP will pay for the “sensitive disposal” of the “samples” held.

TNT News

Photo Credit: Alex Gilmour

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